The Swedes have started traveling both domestically and abroad again - but that is far from what it looked like before the corona pandemic.

- We see a small recovery, but it is still very low levels, says travel expert Lottie Knutson to SVT News.

Professor Stefan Gössling, who researches tourism, transport and climate issues at Lund University, also does not believe that people will travel as much in 2021 as before.

"Choosing stable players"

With new different restrictions from many countries, Lottie Knutson believes that Swedes will continue to be careful before traveling.

- If there is too much uncertainty and too much hassle with mouth guards on and off, tests and infection tracking, many will probably think one more time. We will choose stable players and destinations that have not changed back and forth, which holidaymakers do not like.

Will we ever return to the "normal"?

- In a few years it will return to the new normal, but we do not know what it will be. But I think we will have completely different levels of preparedness in the future and be more prepared, says Knutson.

"Gets less flying"

When it comes to air travel, she thinks it will also look different.

- It will be less flying because it will be more expensive, so a tightening takes place automatically.

Stefan Gössling also believes that people will fly less.

- We have had a period with incredibly strong growth. But now we see that we may not need as much air traffic as before, he says.

Vaccine crucial issue

If you look a year ahead, what do you think the situation is then?

- We have a new financial situation for many who have lost part of their income and then you do not have the same opportunity to travel anymore. Then there is always the desire to go on holiday, but then you may only go once instead of twice. You may not want to travel as far but be closer to Sweden.

- Then a lot will be decided if or when we get a vaccine. I do not think people will be as likely to travel in 2021 as before, says Gössling.