The Basque Country fears a new 'tsunami' of infections by Covid-19 after the first wave of March and is preparing with "dynamic" mechanisms that will begin on Monday when the health emergency is declared. "We are facing a possible tsunami that is more visible and we see its magnitude more quickly," recognized Health Minister Nekane Murga in an extraordinary appearance in which it has been estimated that there are currently 4,000 active Covid-19 infected and Some 20,000 close contacts are being tested . The Lehendakari Iñigo UrkulluHe will assume the "sole command" in the inter-institutional group that will be reactivated next week and will have legal powers to declare, even, local confinements and curfews .

The Basque Government is preparing not only for a second wave but, in the words of its Health Officer, for a 'tsunami' that can become effective during the autumn if the multiplication of infections detected during the month of August is not stopped. The latest data offered today are 575 new infections that repeat the figures of recent weeks and that already go beyond localized outbreaks linked to leisure areas. Murga has recognized that Covid-19 has also overcome the security measures of nursing homes with cases in several residences in Bizkaia and the confirmation of the death of an elderly woman who lived in a health center in San Sebastián.

The Lehendakari Urkullu will specify on Tuesday the new measures that will be applied in this 'health emergency' that he already activated on March 13 and was deactivated in May after reducing infections due to confinement and before the celebration of regional elections. Six months later, the measures suggested by Murga and by the Minister of Economic Development Arantxa Tapia will restrict the capacity in commercial premises, will cut hours both in hotels and in transport and will also be more demanding in the continuous use of masks.

Murga has also asked parents to prevent their children from playing with other children without masks in parks and squares because they facilitate the transmission of the coronavirus. In addition, it has warned that there is a minor admitted to a hospital for Covid-19 and several under 40 years in the Intensive Care Units (ICUs) to underline the consequences in the entire population of this pandemic.

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