Kimi Räikkönen saw the upcoming success of the Barcelona GP in time compared to the performance of Alfa Romeo and the Finnish driver earlier this season.

For the first time this season, Räikkönen, 40, survived the first section of the time trials. In the end, Räikkönen drove himself to the 14th starting box.

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Räikkönen's pace was clearly better than his Italian teammate Antonio Giovinazzi, who was left in the last starting box.

After the time trials, “Iceman” even became generous in the interview.

- The first positive day of the whole year, Räikkönen summed up in Core's broadcast.

- Sometimes it has been necessary to give the line in time, when different things have been tried and tried. On the other hand, it’s exactly the same whether you’re in the last or second last starting box. Today the car felt good, and we have found a little something that can be used to drive a car, Räikkönen pondered with satisfaction.

The Finn believed that the pace of Alfa Romeo could have been enough for even the last section of the time trials, ie the top ten.

- It's just a pity that in the end there were no new soft tires. It would have been a good opportunity to go through the last section today, but that's the way it is, Räikkönen decided.

Spanish GP time trial top three: Lewis Hamilton (center), Valtteri Bottas (left) and Max Verstappen.

Photo: FIA / Reuters

Mercedes Valtteri Bottas, on the other hand, was a little frustrated at the press conference.

The Finn was the fastest in the first two sectors of the track, but at the end of the track Lewis Hamilton was able to pull to the pole position. Bottas was left in the second starting box with a difference of 0.059 seconds to his British teammate.

- I tried to pile up and got pretty close. Sectors one and two felt good, but the third sector of the track was problematic for me today. It improved as time trials progressed, but not enough. Lewis did a better job today, Bottas regretted.

- Sure, a little annoying for me, but I have to look at the big picture - again a front row place and a great performance from the stable.

The Spanish GP will run on Sunday from 4:10 p.m.

Results of the Spanish GP time trials

6th World Championship, Spanish GP, time trials:

1) Lewis Hamilton, UK, Mercedes 1.15,584 2) Valtteri Bottas, Finland, Mercedes +0.059 3) Max Verstappen, The Netherlands, Red Bull +0.708 4) Sergio Perez, Mexico, Racing Point +0.898 5) Lance Stroll, Canada, Racing Point +1,005 6) Alexander Albon, Thailand, Red Bull +1.005 7) Carlos Sainz Jr., Spain, McLaren +1,460 8) Lando Norris, UK, McLaren +1,500 9) Charles Leclerc, Monaco, Ferrari, +1,503 10) Pierre Gasly, France, AlphaTauri +1,552

11) Sebastian Vettel, Germany, Ferrari 12) Daniil Kvjat, Russia, AlphaTauri 13) Daniel Ricciardo, Australia, Renault 14) Kimi Räikkönen, Finland, Alfa Romeo 15) Esteban Ocon, France, Renault 16) Kevin Magnussen, Denmark, Haas 17 ) Romain Grosjean, France, Haas 18) George Russell, UK, Williams 19) Nicholas Latifi, Canada, Williams 20) Antonio Giovinazzi, Italy, Alfa Romeo

Starting order:

1) Hamilton 2) Bottas 3) Verstappen 4) Perez 5) Stroll 6) Albon 7) Sainz 8) Norris 9) Leclerc 10) Gasly 11) Vettel 12) Kvjat 13) Ricciardo 14) Räikkönen 15) Ocon 16) Magnussen 17) Grosjean 18) Russell 19) Latifi 20) Giovinazzi