Several hundred young people caused disturbances in Utrecht's Kanaleneiland district on Friday evening. The police arrested eighteen young people. The Mobile Unit (ME) was deployed to get the situation under control.

In a letter to the Council, Deputy Mayor Lot van Hooijdonk writes that earlier in the day the triangle had already received indications that riots were imminent.

About 250 to 300 young people pelted police officers with fireworks on Friday evening and night and set fire to bus shelters, lamp posts and shops. Images, which are shared via social media, show how the young people are causing unrest in the neighborhood.

According to RTV Utrecht , the riots mainly took place on the northern side of Kanaleneiland, near the Rijnbaan. Part of the neighborhood had to be cordoned off.

Although several media wrote that an emergency order had been issued, the deputy mayor reports that this was communicated "by mistake". Images from RTV Utrecht can be heard that an agent is asking the rioters to leave. "We can't always see in the dark who is authorized and who isn't, so if you don't want a twist, go inside."

A large-scale confrontation between the police and the rioters failed to materialize, according to the municipality. The camera images of the riots are now being analyzed, the number of arrests may still rise.

Also restless in The Hague

It was also restless in the Schilderswijk in The Hague on Friday evening. Mayor Jan van Zanen again issued an emergency order for parts of the neighborhood. The police arrested 27 young people.

A number of suspects were arrested for violating the emergency warrant. Arrests were also carried out for open violence, sedition, insult and threats. Six scooters have also been seized.