It has been a tough spring for the airport outside Ronneby. Since April, it has not lifted any planes, when SAS closed its route from Ronneby to Arlanda. Since before, the airline BRA had already left Kallinge.

- It has been quiet, empty and sad, says airport station manager Arri Kallonen.

Despite the fact that the company Air Leap has flown Ronneby-Bromma since mid-June, Swedavia's flight statistics show bitter figures.

Ronneby lost 97 percent of its passengers in July, compared to the same period last year. In total, there are 324 travelers, despite eased travel restrictions.

- Overall, a huge decline, of course. Almost 100 percent of our business has disappeared, says Kallonen.

At least two airlines this fall

The light is barely a week away. On August 24, the plan is for both Air Leap and SAS to fly daily flights to Bromma and Arlanda, respectively.

- It feels good, and we will then go from the extreme layoff situation to a slightly lower layoff withdrawal, says Arri Kallonen.

The idea was that Air Leap's line this autumn would go from Ronneby through Kalmar and then to Bromma. The premiere tour was moved forward during the summer, but according to the company's marketing manager, it is no longer relevant to make a stopover in Kalmar.

- We do not see it as an attractive solution and we have not received any direct response from Kalmar. Therefore, we decided to run direct tours between Ronneby and Bromma, says Emelie Ahlin.