US President Donald Trump, who is trying to be re-elected, was annoyed while talking on the phone, saying, "Why aren't we paying more election donations?"

It's about Sheldon Adderson, America's largest casino tycoon.
"Adelson is probably the only Republican man who can cut a nine-digit check for Trump's re-election," said Politico, an American political media outlet. It means a nine-digit check, that is, a wealthy person who can donate about 100 million dollars (about 118.5 billion won) beyond tens of millions of dollars.

In addition to the recent approval ratings, it is an analysis that President Trump's heartbreaking heart after being pushed by Democratic Candidate Joe Biden in the amount of campaign fundraising was annoyance toward his uncle.

"Money is speech."

This is the most intuitive expression of the US presidential election, which costs astronomical money. The US presidential election, which will be held in November, is expected to be a'war of money' worth up to 3 trillion won.

In [Pick Q&A], we will look at the US election system, which has virtually no restrictions or restrictions on the astronomical fundraising status and money issues of President Trump and Candidate Biden so far.

Q. US presidential election, how much money does it cost?

A. It is estimated that at the time of the 2016 U.S. presidential election, about 2.5 billion dollars and about 2,9 trillion won were spent in our money.

It was the presidential election where Republican Trump and Democrat Hillary Clinton met. Some individuals donate small amounts of less than $200 to candidates, but most of the money raised by companies or interest groups.

To the Democratic Party, financial firm and environmentalist Tom Steyer donated the largest amount of $57 million (67.5 billion won), and the Republican side was $47 million (55.7 billion won) from Las Vegas casino tycoon Sheldon Adelson. Was the biggest donation. President Trump's recent irritation, "Adelson," made the most personal donations to President Trump in the last election.

In the US presidential election, the proportion of TV and online advertisements will increase due to the aftermath of the corona crisis, and the cost of the election is expected to increase significantly from the last $2.5 billion, and the outlook that our money will exceed 3 trillion won is dominant.Q. Are you being pushed by money by money, money, Trump, Biden, who makes money every time?

A. The New York Times reported that in May and June, for the second consecutive month, Camp Biden raised more campaign funds than Camp Trump.

Biden Camp raised 80.8 million dollars (about 97 billion won) in May and 141 million dollars (about 1692 billion won) in June.

Trump's camp was worth $74 million in May (88.9 billion won) and 131 million dollars in June (approximately 15575 billion won), and Biden Camp raised $10 million more.

In July, the Trump Camp was surveyed to be a little more than the Biden Camp's 140 million dollars (approximately 165 billion won), collecting $165 million (about 195 billion won).

However, Trump's camp is in an emergency, as the New York Wall Street financial sector, which has enjoyed quite a few benefits such as tax cuts under the Trump administration, recently turned to Biden's candidate, and Trump sponsorships have fallen sharply.

The New York Times reported that "the donation to Biden Camp on Wall Street in New York is nearly five times more than Trump's."

The biden camp was worth 44 million dollars (about 52.2 billion won) and the Trump camp was 9 million dollars (about 10.7 billion won) in Wall Street donations.
Q. A huge amount of money raised, where do you spend it?

A. It is revealed that the Trump Camp has $300 million (about 355.2 billion won) in cash as of the end of July, and Biden Camp has $294 million (about 347.8 billion won) in cash.

The total amount is slightly higher on the Trump Camp side. But given that Biden was confirmed as a Democratic candidate last April, this is not an amount for President Trump, who has been preparing for a long-term reelection campaign.

Most of the huge fundraising is spent on advertising money. The United States has virtually no official campaign period, so you can campaign at any time. That's why the candidates say that the most preferred campaign is TV commercials.

Politico reported that "the TV commercials reserved for the presidential election by Biden's camp are about $70 million, compared to $42 million on the Trump side."

In addition, Biden Camp announced that it will execute $220 million in TV commercials and $60 million in online advertising in 15 competition states starting in September.

By comparison, Trump's Camp has reserved a TV commercial for $145 million after Labor Day, but has not disclosed the size of the online advertisement.

That's why President Trump desperately needs cash.

Q. Are there any money regulations in the US elections?

A. Korea is tightly regulated by related laws such as the Public Official Election Act. It is safe to assume that there are virtually no election regulations in the United States.

"Money is the freedom of expression." The 2010 Supreme Court ruling made the US elections virtually unlimited in fundraising, and money became the expression of my political will.

In the so-called'Super PAC', the Political Action Committee's activities, the Supreme Court lifted the cap on the amount of contributions made by companies and individuals.

The donations from billionaire Tom Steyr and Sheldon Adelson, as mentioned earlier, are included in this Super Pack activity.

Superpack should not just fund the election directly to the candidate, but must show support by paying money in an indirect way, such as paying for TV advertising.

In addition, each candidate is required to report the amount of money raised and usage details quarterly to the US Federal Election Commission (FEC), which is an election committee in Korea, but it is said that there is no disadvantage to reporting unfaithful.
Q. If you raise a lot of money and spend a lot of money, will you win the presidential election?

A. Usually yes, but in the 2016 presidential election, there was a ``rare'' event in which Hillary Clinton lost the election by spending the most money ever.

Hillary spent $500 million in advertising alone, and it's estimated that he spent nearly $700 million back in the Democratic primary.

On the other hand, Trump was known to have received less than $80 million in advertising costs from the Republican primary to the main election campaign and not much sponsorship, so the total election cost was less than $400 million.

Trump campaigned very efficiently, and Hillary was losing the most money ever.
Q. President Trump, what are your future prospects?

A. The situation is not so good right now for President Trump to campaign as'effectively' and at least costly as in the last presidential election.

Even when the situation wasn't bad last year, President Trump said, "Our goal is to raise at least 1 billion dollars (1.8 trillion won)." If Trump's camp spends about $1 billion, the Democratic candidate, the challenger, is bound to spend more than that.Democratic candidate Biden recently nominated Senator Camela Harris as his'running mate'. Rep. Harris, known as the Trump sniper and the woman Obama, is the first female black vice presidential candidate in American history.

Political experts in the U.S. believe that the number of sponsorships for the third quarter that will flock to Biden Camp due to the'convention effect' of the Harris nomination will increase. Immediately after Harris' nomination, about 30 million dollars (about 35.5 billion won) of fundraising came to the Democratic Party in the 24 hours alone.

With the widening gap in approval ratings, the heart of President Trump, who is not comfortable even in the past war, is burning more and more.

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