Ulf Schwerin has lived in Stora Mellösa for over 40 years. He has long been bothered that motorists and heavier traffic drive too fast on Göksholmsvägen outside the church, which NA was the first to report.

Ulf Schwerin thinks that the speed signage is deficient. He says that he wrote submissions, and has been in contact with both the Swedish Transport Administration and the police. But nothing has helped, he thinks.

- People do not care. You forget that it is 30 on the route.

Inspiration from England

One day he saw a woman on Facebook standing outside with a hair dryer by the roadside to imitate a policeman with measuring instruments.

The woman's daughter had been run over outside the home, and therefore she decided to aim a hair dryer at the motorists to make them slow down.

Last week, Ulf Schwerin put on a yellow vest, a cap, and went out with his wife's hair dryer in full swing. For about an hour and a half, he aimed his hair dryer at road users, he states.

Several reactions

The 74-year-old's actions have received both positive and negative reactions. He has even received offers to come to other areas in the county with his hair dryer.

In a local Facebook group, residents in the area questioned whether what he did was legal.

Mikael Cederblad, who is group manager at the traffic unit at the police in Örebro, cannot see anything illegal in Ulf Schwerin's actions.

- As long as he does not start stopping cars or taking a felt-tip pen and writing police on the vest, it's okay, he says.

In the clip above, you can see when Ulf Schwerin demonstrates the hair dryer method.