“The Ukrainian side (first of all, the central competent authority of Ukraine on extradition issues) has made due efforts to bring to criminal responsibility the offenders suspected of committing serious crimes in Donbass. So far, these people have managed to escape dry from the water, but this is far from the end of the story (however, there is also Interpol), ”Yenin wrote.

He also recalled the principle of reciprocity in matters of international legal assistance and extradition.

“By the way, Belarus (as a border country with us) ranks second in terms of the number of requests for legal assistance and extradition of all international partners of Ukraine,” added the deputy head of the Ukrainian Foreign Ministry.

Earlier, Belarus handed over to Russia 32 Russians detained near Minsk. 

Another Russian citizen detained in Belarus, who also has Belarusian citizenship, remained on the territory of Belarus.

At the end of July, it became known about the detention of 33 Russians in Belarus, who were suspected of preparing riots.

The Russian Foreign Ministry called the detention of Russians in Belarus a provocation of a third country.