The Ministry of Finance would make big wholesale reforms that would increase employment by 60,000 employees.

Half of the target, 30,000 jobs, the VM would look for in older workers.

Like Sweden, the VM would block the routes by which older people leave work prematurely. The VM would give up both the so-called pension tube and the partial early old-age pension.

- In Finland, the employment rate of older people is at most 16 percentage points higher than in Sweden, said Jukka Mattila, a special expert at the Ministry of Finance.

In the VM's papers, 25,000 jobs would be found in services and unemployment benefits.

For example, the ministry would change earnings-related unemployment insurance. The duration of unemployment insurance would increase according to the length of employment, ie a longer employment would lead to a longer unemployment security, with a shorter employment the earnings-related would last for a shorter period.

The Ministry of Education would also invest in active job search, for example through bi-weekly meetings and interviews.

The VM would not create an active model, but considers some kind of sanction system important.

- A bit of the same logic as in traffic offenses. One offense becomes a small sanction. If the violations are repeated, the driving license will leave, Mattila stated.

The Ministry of Education would transfer employment services to the municipalities.

The Ministry of Education sees 5,000 jobs in study benefits, for example by reforming adult education support.

The government's program aims to present 30,000 new decision-making jobs by the time of the budget dispute.

The government is likely to postpone its target until later fall.

The government has been assisted by seven tripartite working groups for more than a year, and the working groups are still a long way from the 30,000 jobs target.

The removal of the pension tube or the weakening of earnings-related unemployment security have not been among the government's options.