China News Service, August 14th. According to a Japanese TV station, in response to a Japanese cargo ship running aground in Mauritius and causing a large amount of fuel leakage, local media in Mauritius said on the 13th that the reason for the cargo ship approaching land and running aground may be that the crew was trying to connect to the wireless network. (WIFI).

On August 1, local time, satellite images showed that the Japanese cargo ship ran aground off the coast of Mauritius.

  According to previous reports, on July 25, a Japanese cargo ship named "Wakachao" ran aground in the southeastern waters of Mauritius. On August 6, the cargo ship's hull broke and a large amount of fuel leaked and caused serious pollution in the coastal waters of Mauritius.

  According to the report, the Mauritius investigation department subsequently investigated the crew of a number of cargo ships involved. Some crew members said, “It is close to the land to connect to WIFI”. Some crew members said that on the day of the accident, “the ship also held a birthday party for the crew”. The report pointed out that these actions of the crew may be the cause of the accident.

  According to reports, the Mauritian government has declared a state of environmental emergency, and multinational rescue teams have also gone to the local area to provide support.