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Joo Young-jin ■ Interview: Geun-taek Hyun, Vice Chairman of the Democratic Party Legal Committee, Jun-seok Lee, Former United Party Supreme Member
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● presidential poll 40% collapse

Commission hyeongeuntaek Democratic Vice-law
, "the President It will rise when the polls, real estate stable "
," real estate prices, strong legislation to stabilize possible, "

Lee Jun-seok前top members per integration
"靑, the dajutaekja typically portrayed ... inappropriate. "
" government and the ruling party, part Sunder formula Marion refrain, "

● yijaemyeong - yinakyeon also overturned

Geun-taek Hyun, Vice Chairman of the Democratic Party's Legal Committee
"Lee Nak-yeon, the party's representative, declines in approval ratings"

Lee Jun-seok, former Supreme Commissioner of the Unified Party
, "Lee Jae-myeong changes his status after the Supreme Court ruling"

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