A new bottle return device was introduced at Tammisto's K-Citymarket in Vantaa, where more than a hundred cans and plastic bottles can be poured at once. The device manufactured by Tomra is the first of its kind in Finland.

- Bottle return is significantly faster and easier with the new R1 device. The best thing about this is that empty packaging no longer needs to be touched, but can be poured directly into the vending machine, says Kimmo Sivonen, a retailer at K-Citymarket Tammisto.

- After all, this is a great and customer-friendly device. Once the device has been seen in action, one wonders why this has not been invented before. All customers need to do is pour empty drink packs into the vending machine, take a receipt and go shopping. I believe the device will attract customers to us and make the return more pleasant.

R1 return device in operation. – After seeing the device in operation, one wonders why this has not been invented before, Kimmo Sivonen, a K-Citymarket retailer, ponders.

Photo: Jarkko Mikkonen

The R1 bottle return device was launched in November last year in Norway, Sweden and the United States.

According to Tomra, the device is up to five times faster than traditional bottle return vending machines, which return one beverage package at a time.

- Finns are among the most active recyclers in the world. We have a top-class recycling rate for bottles and cans, says Lauri Kangaslahti, CEO of Tomra Oy.

- The smoother, easier and cleaner the return, the more people also return their empty beverage packaging while taking care of their other grocery purchases. So eco-deeds do not require getting your hands dirty. The world can be saved one bottle at a time, or in this case more than a hundred bottles at a time.

Bottles and cans are poured from the bag into the device.

Photo: Jarkko Mikkonen

In Norway and Sweden, both consumers and retailers have received Tomra's new device really well. Returns in stores with an R1 device have increased significantly, at best by as much as 60 percent.