• Politics. A "corrupt plot" deactivated the accounting control in Podemos
  • Politics The former lawyer of Podemos denounces that Pablo Iglesias knew about the alleged irregular financing scheme

The second vice president of the Government and secretary general of United We Can, Pablo Iglesias, has reappeared in the media after the judicial case investigating the financing of his party, and has done so defending the accounts of his formation against what he considers to be a "media judgment". In addition, he has warned that he will continue working "from the Government" with his republican agenda to "defend the general interest."

This is how the leader of United Podemos has pronounced in a thread on his official Twitter profile, picked up by Europa Press, four days after the accusation of Podemos was known in this judicial case in which the Secretary of Communication has also been charged , the treasurer and the manager, among others.

Faced with the information that there is a 'box b' in the 'purple' formation, Iglesias has been "proud" of having a fund called "solidarity fund" with the donations that, as he has said, all the Public positions of Podemos from part of his salary and that is used to support social groups.

In this sense, he has rejected that "all are equal" and has charged against the "corruption" of the PP with the box by the bonuses: "The truth is that we are the first government force in Spain that does not ask for loans from banks or owes nothing to the economic oligarchies. "

However, Iglesias has warned that Podemos will continue to be part of the coalition government to "defend the general interest together with civil society." In recent times, the opposition has called for the resignation of the second vice president and has even demanded that the Prime Minister, Pedro Sánchez, remove him from his post.

PP and Cs register joint initiative for Iglesias to appear in full

PP and Ciudadanos have registered this Friday a joint initiative for the second vice president of the Government and leader of Podemos, Pablo Iglesias, to appear in an extraordinary plenary session of Congress this month to explain the information regarding the irregular financing of his party.

After yesterday the PP presented a similar initiative, now both parties insist on the issue with a joint petition, in addition to the one they raised for Iglesias to also appear in the Democratic Quality Commission of Congress this August.

The two parties want Iglesias to clarify his "role" in the matter of "the recent imputation" of the purple formation and several of his charges in a process for crimes of embezzlement of public funds and unfair administration opened by the investigating court number 42 of Madrid, after the complaint presented by his former lawyer José Manuel Calvente.

All these requests for appearance will have to be debated and voted in a session of the Permanent Council, the body that is in charge of the powers of Congress in non-working periods, which must be convened this month after the request presented by the PP and Citizens. | EFE

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