After seven in the morning, the subway is still so loose that no one is sitting next to or on the opposite benches. No more than one in three passengers will wear a mask. On Thursday, the Department of Health and Welfare issued a recommendation that the use of a face mask be recommended in hospital districts where coronary infections have occurred in the past two weeks. THL recommends masks specifically for public transport.

VR distributed disposable masks to passengers on Friday morning at Helsinki railway station.

Photo: Ivan Bessedin / IS

There is enough buzz on the surfaces of eight railway stations at Helsinki railway station as people rush to work. Now more masks are visible. VR employees distribute disposable masks to everyone, including those who already use the mask. VR announced yesterday that it recommends the use of face masks on both commuter and long-distance trains.

- The use of masks has clearly increased. I was surprised how many passengers already have a mask on, says VR's train work supervisor Mikko Tiainen from Joensuu.

Mikko Tiainen is VR's train manager from Joensuu. He was surprised at how many passengers wear the mask.

Photo: Ivan Bessedin / IS

In the future, VR employees will also wear masks in their work.

- If it is possible to prevent and limit the spread of the corona in this way, then of course it is a good thing. Although it is not pleasant to use this at work, but surely everyone is ready to suffer, Tiainen thinks.

It is estimated that more than half of the passengers see masks on the commuter train from the center of Helsinki to Kerava. Many barefoot people refuse to comment on the subject. Tarja Karhamo, on her way to Oulunkylä, is sitting on the train with a mask on her face. He is confused by the strict instructions given about the masks.

- The permanent mask should be washed in a washing machine after each use. But who puts on the washing machine just to wash their face masks. That is really ecological and completely absurd, Karhamo thinks.

Tarja Karhamoa is confused by the complex instructions given on the use of protective equipment.

Photo: Ivan Bessedin / IS

He has heard that the mask can be cooked, but is unsure whether all masks can withstand cooking. There are also many practical problems with the use of masks. Some of the questions are so weird that Karhamo doesn’t know if he should cry or laugh.

- If you sneeze or cough, take off the mask, then cough and wipe your nose with a disposable handkerchief and change the mask. But what if I start coughing here now? Where do I wash my hands and what do I do? He asks.

Karhamo has also wondered how expensive disposable masks become for the poor when they need to be replaced with their alvaris. On Thursday, the government announced that the municipalities will replace the masks for those who cannot afford to buy them from their own bags.

Teija Toroskainen has been wearing masks in public transport for about two weeks since she returned from work to work. He took off his respirator as he stepped out of the train onto the station platform.

Teija Toroskainen has been using the mask for two weeks now. As late as last week, he felt like he was the only one using them.

Photo: Ivan Bessedin / IS

- There were not many people on the train, but there were not many masks either. In a couple of weeks, there have been more of them. At the beginning of last week, I was roughly the only one on the bus or train, Toroskainen says.

He has noticed that there are often more people on the bus than on the train. In a crowded crowd, the possibility of a coronary infection is a little worrying.

- Now I will probably return to telecommuting, so then you no longer have to think about public travel.

Kimmo Kotamäki considers the mask recommendation to be a good thing, but has not yet liked the mask himself.

Photo: Ivan Bessedin / IS

On a commuter train on the way to the center of Helsinki, a man without a mask rests on his bike. He is not the only one of his kind, but the first to agree to comment. Kimmo Kotamäki considers the national mask recommendation to be a good thing and hopes that it will reduce infections.

- By the way, I try to make sure that I don't cough or do anything else that would infect people. I can use a mask, but it hasn’t just been worn. There is no special reason for that, Kotamäki explains his lack of mask.

After an hour or two, understand why using masks is not that simple. A short-distance respirator still works well, but working with a respirator on your face is not as easy. When you talk about the mask on your head, it becomes even more sweaty inside. Starts to thirst, but can not drink. Sometimes the guard drains and rises to the eyes, but should not be touched. If the mask is so uncomfortable to hold, even asymptomatically, I can only imagine what it feels like to hold a protector in front of your nose and mouth in a hard or even small flu.