Not many double masters will be admitted to the Kaleva Games, but if someone had to beat their money, it would be Joonas Rinne.

Not only does Slope, 25, run very hard two laps and 1,500 meters, he is trained to escape elephants if necessary. But we'll get back to that a little later.

Rinne, who represents Saarijärvi Pullistus but lives in Jyväskylä, has run records this summer on both trips. 800 m ran 1.47.87 in July in Tampere and 1,500 m close to the ghost border (end time 3.40.47) in Kuortane, surrounded by Topi Raitanen.

Raitanen will not take part in the Kaleva Games in Turku due to the Monaco Diamond League, so it is unlikely that you will see a blood-stopping victory fight with a ton of tonnage.

- I was wondering earlier in the summer if Topi would go to the Kaleva Games, and it would have been great to have had a championship. In that sense, it’s annoying that he’s not there. But there are no understandable reasons, Rinne says.

The duo has also occasionally trained together in Jyväskylä. However, Raitanen's main distance is 3,000 meters of obstacles, which affects the cooperation.

- It would be nice to train more together, but we train in such a different way that we haven't really found common trainings, Rinne says.

According to the slope, he will run in the Kaleva Games above all for gold medals, not times.

- I don't think we will run at a record pace in these races. Otherwise, there should be a truly equal set. On these long journeys, the tactical element is so strong, he says.

If and when Rinne finally throws himself among the brightest stars in the Finnish athletics sky, he doesn’t have to think about what he would put in the someme. The Youtube channel on the slope is a treasure trove waiting for its discoverers.

There is a reason for this in the runner’s background; he has his own filmmaking and video production company, and on camps and on a race trip, he often sees a laptop on his knees.

- When making videos, I am fascinated by bringing out my own creativity. Vlogini making videos may take a couple of days, but I've learned to do them in a time effective manner. I try to keep the videos in such a way that there would not be too much stress and doing would remain relaxed.

Joonas Rinne was filmed in Turku on Thursday.

Photo: Vesa Moilanen / Lehtikuva

The sympathetic personality of the slope pushes through the videos and Instagram. It is worth keeping your eyes open already during the athlete presentation, as the Slope usually has something special in the back pocket when the camera comes to him.

The slope also admits that it is very easy for him to be lured into a desolate snatch. One of these he took at his first high place camp in Arizona in 2018. A great friend of the superhero movies realized before the camp that the new movie Avengers would premiere during that time.

- I had bought an Ironman outfit for the benches, so I packed up the outfit and booked a ticket at the local movie theater.

Going to the movie, however, turned out to be a little trickier than Rinne had planned.

- The theater was more than 10 kilometers from the hotel, and no bus services could be found there. I then decided to go by bike. I pedaled in an Ironman suit along Route 66, and the crew blinked and shouted at Ironman, he recalls.

Rinne has made a video in which she appears in her Ironman costume:

After various rapes, however, Rinne obeys - at least quite obediently - his mother, as his coach is also Minna Rinne (born Mäkelä), who is also known as a middle distance runner.

- The advantage is that we know each other well and it is therefore easy to make quick changes. Today, I challenge my mother more and ask why we do something. It is more about cooperation.

If all goes according to the duo's plans, on Sunday Rinne has continued his championship tube by 1,500 meters and brightened the Finnish Championship bronze with gold by 800 meters.

- That would be a great thing. I recently had a series of double junior champion, I just look Rinne.

But how exactly do Elephants relate to a Finnish runner?

- Was at the turn of the year in an African camp after a hard week on a tourist trip in Kruger National Park. We shouldn't get out of the car, but we might be a little at that car door .., the slope grins.

- An elephant with a cub was seen nearby. It spread its ears in it, and it was time for the trigger to leave, that now if it gets any closer, then yes we will go.

There are no elephants in Turku, but Rinne hardly needs them for a double championship.