Japan and Malaysia Resume resumption of long-term residents such as expatriates 5:07 on August 15

Foreign Minister Mogi will meet with Foreign Minister Hishamudin in Malaysia on the 14th to relax the immigration restrictions imposed by the two countries due to the spread of the new coronavirus and target long-term residents such as corporate expatriates. We agreed to resume traffic in early next month.

Foreign Minister Mogi, visiting Malaysia, met with Foreign Minister Hishamdin for about two hours on the evening of the 14th.

Under these circumstances, the two foreign ministers will resume the traffic in early next month, targeting long-term residents such as corporate expatriates, with regard to the relaxation of the entry restrictions that are being implemented by the two countries due to the spread of the new coronavirus. It matched with.

In addition, we confirmed that we will continue discussions with the aim of resuming the coming and going of short-term visitors such as business people.

On the other hand, Minister Mogi was asked to allow students to visit Japan as early as possible for the Malaysian foreign student acceptance project that both countries are carrying out at the national expense, but he thinks that the coordination will be accelerated to realize it. I told you.

After that, Minister Mogi also met with Minister of International Trade and Industry, Mr. Azmin Ali, and the Malaysian procedures for ratifying the TPP = Trans-Pacific Partnership Agreement involving 11 countries including Japan and Malaysia have not been completed. Based on the above, we expressed expectations for early domestic adjustment.