A man who had crashed under a well in China survived with the help of a strong belly fat.

According to Fox News on the 14th, in a village in Henan Province in northern China on the 7th, Liu Mo, 28, climbed over the well and fell down when the wooden cover broke, but the belly fat touched the wall of the well and descended further. I was able to survive because I wasn't caught.

In the video of the fire department rescuers, Ryu, who fell into the well, was casually waiting for rescue with arms folded without wearing a top.

About five firefighters who came to rescue Mr. Liu pulled him out of the well with thick ropes.

The fire department said that Mr. Ryu was not seriously injured and that he was able to live thanks to his weight of about 227 kg.

The fire department explained that Liu appeared to have fallen into the well when the wooden cover broke when he jumped over the well.

Ryu is known to suffer from mental illness.

(Photo = Joseph Quemoi YouTube capture, Yonhap News)