What kind of youth can be "twenty not confused"

It’s not these 20-year-old women

Bing gave their answer

Lonely Smoke at Sunset

They drove chariots across the desert


The 74th Army Brigade Women's Artillery Squad

From the shores of the South China Sea to the Northwest Gobi Station


The female soldiers "conquered" the 40-ton gun carriage

Complete long-range rocket launch live fire

Among them

Someone used to be a million-fan game anchor

Is a cute girl

But they decided to join the army

Driving a chariot through the desert

This rusty and beautiful youth

Only one

At the foot of the Tianshan Mountains

They conquered the king of land warfare

At the foot of the Tianshan Mountains

An armored regiment training field in Xinjiang Military Region

A tank battle shooting assessment kicked off

A tank formation formed by female soldiers

Extraordinarily eye-catching

Under the order of Che Chang Shi Xiuli

The female soldiers in each battle work closely together


Destroy the enemy target ahead in one fell swoop

The debut of the women's tank squad

Just hit a full house-four shots and four hits!

It's less than half a year since its establishment

The average age is less than 22 years old

This group of female tank soldiers

Not only "tamed" tanks weighing dozens of tons

And convinced all the male soldiers

Girls the same age are busy losing weight

But the female soldiers are gaining weight to improve their physical fitness

Unloading anti-aircraft machine guns weighing tens of kilograms

Also regarded as a good opportunity for them to practice physical fitness

Sand baptism

They grow into real tank soldiers

A uniform

They are in the hinterland of Tianshan Mountains

The most beautiful snow lotus

Flood fighting line

They sang the muddy soldiers


12 female soldiers of the communications duty company of a brigade of the 71st Army

When I went to show condolences in Anhui

The troops temporarily received the task of fighting floods

They took the initiative to invite

Go to the rescue scene

Pass sandbags and carry sandbags like male soldiers

Sing "A Soldier Covered in Mud" on the front line of fighting the flood

Get to work

The female soldiers don't spare any effort

Passing sandbags and carrying sandbags are not inferior

Simmering in my heart

To prove that "whether male or female soldiers

We are all people's soldiers! "

"Twenty Do Not Confused" is to lock the target and move forward

Not afraid of hardships and challenges

Is brave to get out of the comfort zone

Never give up

From girl to female soldier

The muscles and bones born in the tempering experience

Their youth is not lost

Chinese female soldier, strong!