Former Miss Helsinki Jessica Ruokola says in her Instagram that she has been diagnosed with a coronavirus infection. The Miss Beauty, who lives in Spain today, writes that she is very ill.

- Guys, friends, relatives, I have found koronavirustartunta and I'm super sore. Be careful, good people, because this (Korona) is nothing to laugh about, Ruokola writes in his Instagram.

Photo: Jessica Ruokola Instagram

Jessica Ruokola came to the public about the Miss Helsinki competitions in 2016, when she was crowned the winner. However, the reed relinquished its crown shortly after the victory.

Today, a dark-haired beauty creates a career as a model. The reed posed in the nude photos of the Portuguese Playboy magazine last year.

The 2016 Miss Helsinki decorated the pages of the Portuguese Playboy in March and was also honored to be the playmate of that month. The pictures of the reed were handwritten by photographer Bernand Coelho.

This was the second time that Ruokola posed for Playboy in Portugal. The woman was first seen in that magazine in 2016. At that time, Ruokola had a joint manager with Susanna Tann, who also posed in the Portuguese Playboy, and so Ruokola herself ended up on the pages of the magazine.

- I had a joint manager with Susanna Tann and this Manager had a connection with Playboy in Portugal. Our manager was a friend of the magazine's former editor-in-chief Marco António Reis, Ruokola told Ilta-Sanomat in the summer of 2019.

- After the first pictures, the main photographer of the magazine fell in love with my pictures so much that I was asked again for the Portuguese magazine. It was the best decision of my life. Playboy is like a nose to the head for me. Because it's a really big release, I'm pretty proud of it. And it would be great to get further from here, Ruokola dreamed at that time.

Jessica Ruokola, known from the Miss Helsinki competitions and the Playboy website in Portugal, now lives in Spain.


Last year, Ruokola got engaged to his Spanish lover Max Marciales. Ruokola first met the man a few years ago at the Rauma Sea Midsummer Festival, but was busy at the time. In the summer of 2018, the man met her again in her hometown of Barcelona and the couple fell in love.

- On Midsummer, I went to Barcelona with a friend on an ex tempore trip and we met there. Since then, we have kept one. Life is funny, he rejoiced in the IS interview.