Russian designers presented a new self-loading compact pistol "Poloz" of 9x19 mm caliber. The novelty was developed at the Podolsk Central Research Institute of Precision Engineering (TsNIItochmash, part of the Rostec state corporation) and is intended for "operative and hidden wearing by employees of the Ministry of Internal Affairs and Rosgvardia", the press service of the corporation said.

As reported on the Rostec website, the Poloz is designed for aimed shooting at a distance of up to 50 m. Moreover, it can be used in a wide temperature range from -50 to +50 ° C.

“For shooting, 9x19-mm pistol cartridges of federal bodies and 9x19 mm cartridges with a steel-core bullet are used,” the Rostec press service reports.

The pistol can use magazines with a capacity of 15 or 18 rounds. The developers note that the resource of the weapon is "at least 10 thousand shots." The weight of the "Poloz" with a magazine without cartridges is 730 g, its length is 180 mm.

  • Rostec presented the Poloz self-loading pistol

The automatic pistol is based on the principle of "recoil with a short barrel stroke", according to Rostec. A double-sided flag safety lock makes it possible to use the weapon with both the right and left hand.

“The safety device ensures a safe descent from the combat platoon and setting the pistol to the safety platoon,” says the Rostec demo video.

The handle "Poloz" is made of high-strength polymer material Armamid. The pistol has a Picatinny rail, with which additional equipment can be installed on it.

“This compact model is smaller and lighter than the standard military model and can be used as a concealed carry weapon. The modular design allows replacement of the handle without replacing the main parts and the use of magazines of different capacities. It is convenient, reliable and unpretentious in use, which is extremely important for the operational services staff, "- the Rostec website quotes the words of Albert Bakov, General Director of TsNIItochmash.

It is noted that the novelty will be presented to the general public within the framework of the International Military-Technical Forum "Army-2020", which will be held from 23 to 29 August in Kubinka near Moscow. The pistol is planned to be shown both at the stand of the company in statics, and in action at the shooting range of the multifunctional firing center of the Patriot Park. 

"Perfected performance and ergonomics"

As RT reported earlier, the Poloz pistol was created on the basis of the Udav pistol complex, also developed by order of the RF Ministry of Defense at TsNIIitochmash.

  • Pistol "Boa constrictor" with a silencer
  • RIA News
  • © Mikhail Voskresensky

The development of "Boa" began in 2014, and on August 5 this year it became known that the enterprise, after successful tests, began its serial production.

“We have received an order for the first production batch. I am sure that the honed characteristics and ergonomics of this pistol will be appreciated not only by the Russian army, but also by other law enforcement agencies, as well as amateurs of practical shooting both in Russia and abroad, ”said Albert Bakov, General Director of TsNIITOCHMASH.

The weight of the Boa constrictor with an empty magazine is 780 g, its length is 206 mm. The effective firing range reaches 100 m. The pistol magazine is designed for 18 rounds.

As noted in TsNIITOCHMASH, a number of solutions were used in the design of the Udav, which provide it with an advantage over foreign-made pistols of a similar class - CZ, Glock, Walther and Colt.

Among the technologies patented during the development of "Boa", the creators highlight the design of the store, which, both visually and tactilely, allows you to determine whether it is fully charged.

Two types of cartridges can be used with this pistol: increased penetration and reduced bullet velocity.  

The first is capable of "penetrating a second-class body armor, including fabric, at a greater range than analogues, and provide a high destructive effect," the Rostec website says. In the design of the second cartridge, despite the increased mass, it was possible to reduce the speed of the bullet, "which significantly reduced the sound level of the shot and the flamelessness when using a silent firing device." 

"Invisible, light, small"

Now "Poloz" will have to go through a period of tests, during which he must confirm the declared characteristics, experts say. At the same time, in their opinion, use in real combat conditions can also make adjustments to the design.

According to analysts, in the event of successful tests, the Poloz could eventually replace the legendary Makarov pistol (PM).

“PM is easy to use, reliable, but its time is long gone. The "Poloz" pistol is light enough, has two removable handles for 15 and 18 rounds, it is suitable for close combat and urban conditions. Unlike the Makarov pistol, it is easy to use. "Poloz" is many times superior to the PM, which has a smaller store and on which additional equipment cannot be installed, "military expert Yuri Knutov emphasized in an interview with RT.

  • The Makarov pistol
  • © Rostec

Recall that the PM was designed in 1948 under the leadership of the Soviet designer Nikolai Makarov and adopted by the Soviet security forces in 1951. The pistol is still used as a service weapon in the RF Armed Forces and law enforcement agencies. PM weight without cartridges is 730 g, length - 161 mm. Sighting range reaches 50 m. The magazine is designed for eight rounds.

In the modernized version, the destructive effect was increased when firing at manpower using personal protective equipment. For this, a cartridge of greater power with a new bullet was developed on the basis of a standard pistol sleeve 18 mm long. In addition, in the updated PM, ammunition was increased to 12 rounds.

However, Alexander Butyrin, a columnist for the Ognevoy Rune magazine, believes that a massive transition to new weapons should not be expected in the near future. This is explained both by the large number of Makarov units produced, and by the fact that the PM as a whole still corresponds to the tasks assigned to it.

“To take and replace overnight - it will be very costly economically. The Makarov pistol is in service with units and subunits of various types of combat arms. Where to put them later? The economic component plays a role here, "the expert explained in a conversation with RT.

Yuri Knutov adheres to a similar point of view. According to him, the appearance of a new pistol does not mean that all others that are currently used in the Ministry of Internal Affairs, including Yarygin's pistol (PYa) "Grach" and GSh-18, will be ousted.

“The National Guard and the Ministry of Internal Affairs need a discreet, lightweight, small pistol suitable for close combat and urban conditions. "Poloz" meets these requirements, but this does not mean that PYa or GSh-18 will be removed from service. Most likely, they will complement each other, ”the analyst concluded.