• Coldiretti, mid-August on a farm for 400 thousand Italians
  • Tourism: Italians choose the 'proximity' one, but "peak" foreign presence


14 August 2020At least one day of vacation. This is what the Italians allowed themselves on the day of August 15th. More than 1 in 2 Italians or 54% do not stay at home and have decided to travel to reach relatives and friends, go on vacation to the sea, in the countryside and in the mountains or to take a simple trip out of town. This is what emerges from a Coldiretti / Ixe 'survey on the occasion of the red sticker weekend on Italian roads. Movements reduced by 14% last year, conditioned by Covid and the inevitable safety measures compared to last year. 

A day like any other
For 20% of Italians - underlines Coldiretti - Ferragosto 2020 will be a day like all the others, perhaps to go to work to make up for the time lost with the lockdown, and another 26% will stay home to rest. For the measures on social distancing, participation in public events, from concerts to festivals, has been eliminated.

21 million on the road
The weekend of August - continues Coldiretti - remains the highlight of the holidays of the Italians who, even in the year of the coronavirus, have chosen a small holiday in the summer month par excellence. With the latest departures - it is emphasized in the survey - in fact, the Italians who have decided to take at least one day of vacation away from home rise to 21.1 million

The revenge of the small villages
Beaches and the sea are the ace takes everything, but in the in the summer of 2020 the mountains and tourism in the vicinity are growing with the rediscovery of small villages and minor centers in the Italian countryside. On the other hand, attendance in the cities of art collapsed, a figure also falling due to the absence of foreign tourists.

Therefore, the focus is on small municipalities that offer an unparalleled natural, landscape, cultural and artistic heritage. In Italy, the centers under 5 thousand inhabitants are, in fact, 5,498, almost 70% of the total, according to a Coldiretti analysis based on Istat data, but only 16% of Italians live there, equal to 9.8 million inhabitants, although representing 54% of the entire national surface. But in many regions the territory covered by the villages reaches up to 70%.  

Large green spaces and good food
Destinations chosen for two reasons. On the one hand, the beauty and harmony made of hills, rows of vineyards and centuries-old olive trees and farmhouses in the plains up to the mountain huts, from green pastures to flowered terraces. On the other hand, the riches of agri-food, flagship of our Made in Italy

. Businesses and typical products
It is no coincidence that 92% of typical national productions according to the Coldiretti / Symbola survey are born in small Italian villages with less than five thousand inhabitants , a heritage preserved over time by agricultural enterprises with a daily commitment to ensure the protection of historical agricultural crops, the protection of the territory from hydrogeological instability and the maintenance of food traditions.