In the night from Thursday to Friday, the municipality of The Hague issued an emergency order for several streets in the Schilderswijk, due to ongoing unrest in the neighborhood. Just like the day before, young people throw eggs, stones and heavy fireworks at police officers. The police say they have arrested twenty people.

The evening started quietly, with neighborhood prevention, neighborhood fathers, residents and community police officers on the street who are actively working to maintain a good atmosphere in the Hague neighborhood. Earlier in the day, Mayor Jan van Zanen visited the neighborhood to encourage residents. The atmosphere changed around 11 p.m. when young people began to gather and stir up unrest again.

Just like the day before, young people throw eggs, stones and heavy fireworks at police officers. At around 2.30 am, police officers were pelted with stones from the roofs by young people.

Regio15 reports that fires were started and young people also made noise. According to Regio15 , motorcycle police stopped scooter drivers to take pictures of the passengers, but the police cannot confirm this when asked. The spokesperson can, however, report that motorcycle police officers have indeed been deployed, but then to manage the traffic flow through the neighborhood.

Traffic sign thrown through police car window

The twenty arrests are for sedition, insult, open violence, disregard of the emergency warrant and assault on a cop. The police are still investigating the destruction of two police vehicles. In one case, a road sign was thrown through a car window and the car window of a police crane truck was also broken.

Last night, the mobile unit of the police also had to turn out after more than 100 youths threw fireworks and stones and opened fire hydrants. At the moment, the fire hydrants do not seem to play a role in the unrest in the Schilderswijk. Regio15 does report that a tap has been opened in another district in The Hague, Ypenburg.


ME carries out charges against a large group of young people in The Hague