• Dead DJ, the PM: in surveillance video he is with Gioele in the car in Sant'Agata
  • The body found in Caronia belongs to the missing DJ Viviana Parisi
  • Dj dead, searches continue to find his son. The yellow on death remains
  • Dj dead for investigators, the child was with her, searches continue
  • Dj dead, pm: "Who rescued her after an accident, show up". He is investigating for voluntary homicide


August 14, 2020 "Anyone who has seen something after the accident, in the countryside, come forward, call the police. I love my son and I want to find him ...". It is the moved appeal launched in tears by Daniele Mondello, father of Gioele, the 4-year-old boy who passed away on August 3 along with his mother Viviana Parisi.

Meanwhile, the search for little Gioele, 4 years old who disappeared with his mother on 3 August last, continues by the Fire Brigade, Civil Protection, Carabinieri, Police and Finance in the countryside of Caroniae Sant'Agata di Militello (Me). The searches will remain in the territories of Caronia and Sant'Agata di Militello, in the Messina area, albeit with a wider range of action. According to the prosecutor's office, he was with his mother at the time of the disappearance. Meanwhile, we are looking for a family of tourists who would have witnessed the scene.

Cousin, why did she climb that pylon?
"Why did she climb that trellis? Did the child escape her and enter the bush? Maybe she wanted to explore the surrounding area from a privileged position? Why did she fall?". These are the questions of Viviana Parisi's family. To place them publicly on his Facebook page is Claudio Mondello, one of the two lawyers and cousin of Daniele Mondello, Viviana's husband. "These are the same concerns that the whole family has", confirms the other criminal lawyer, the lawyer Pietro Venuti who will meet today the prosecutor of Patti, Angelo Cavallo.

Yesterday Claudio Mondello, also on Fb, had tried to reconstruct what happened in search, too, of answers. The starting point is Viviana's "deep emotional disturbance" who "wants to go to the 'Pyramid of Light' ', an artistic installation, but also a spiritual and mystical one and she had become very religious". So much so that, tell the family, he often read the Bible. And she had been very shaken by the Covid-19 emergency, to be feared for the life of everyone and in particular of her little Gioele.

The route on the Messina-Palermo motorway is interrupted by the Sant'Agata di Militello exit where one or more private video surveillance cameras place her with the child in the car near a petrol station, perhaps to get gas. Then the road accident, the puncture of a tire of his car, the stop in a rest area and the escape in the rough countryside. And the final tragedy with two different hypotheses, for Claudio Mondello: murder-suicide or an accident, because "it is an area, one in which one gets lost, fraught with dangers both for the morphology of the land and for the native fauna and, since human settlements persist in the vicinity, perhaps even domestic ones ".