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  • Emilia Romagna, Bonaccini to young people: be responsible, denounce those who are not


August 14, 2020Strict on the discos in August due to Covid which shows no signs of stopping its run and records an increase in infections in many regions of our peninsula.

A new ordinance of the Emilia-Romagna Region  bears the signature of the President of the Region Stefano Bonaccini: the provision will come into force from 1 pm tomorrow and concerns all the discos currently operating in Emilia-Romagna, that is the 'summer' ones that have the eligibility to be opened on the basis of the anti-contagion rules agreed in phase 2. Those 'indoors' have never reopened.

The ordinance provides that the maximum number of people who can enter is not more than 50% of the maximum capacity normally authorized. Obligation to always wear the mask inside the club, even during the dance, admitted, it must be remembered, only in the presence of outdoor slopes. Another novelty introduced by the ordinance is the immediate closure of the premises, without any reference to further administrative procedures, if it is ascertained by the supervisory bodies that the rules established by the ordinance are not respected.  

"We want to avoid behaviors that allow the contagion to raise its head - say the president of the Region, Stefano Bonaccini, and the councilor for tourism, Andrea Corsini. For this it is necessary to strengthen prevention and controls, a commitment that goes hand in hand with the extraordinary work that the health services are doing in the territories thanks to the action of tracing cases of positivity to the virus ".

"A squeeze also useful to avoid that fun and entertainment can leave room for irresponsible attitudes, even if only a few, that can frustrate the work of these months. To protect young people themselves, boys and girls, who must know that they are not immune or safe from the virus ".

New ordinance also in Veneto where the president of the council Luca Zaia signed a provision similar to the one in Emilia - in force from tomorrow. Here too we talk about the premises already active because they have the necessary characteristics to carry out the exercise on the basis of the anti-contagion rules. 

"It is a measure taken against the risk that the virus returns to make the loud voice - underline the President of the Veneto Region Zaia and the Councilor for Health Manuela Lanzarin. We cannot undermine the results achieved thanks to the commitment and effort of all . We especially address young people who in the days of the lockdown and until now have been a true model of responsibility and awareness of the situation. We invite them and all the other enthusiasts to be patient again, adhering to the indications that are given and continuing to have consistent behavior with the situation ".

In the period and in the summer climate, Zaia and Lanzarin conclude, "the desire to be together and have fun is understandable, especially after the restrictions of the past months. But it is equally so to understand how little is enough to create gatherings and situations that can make the everyone's commitment and the work of our health professionals. Normal times will return - they conclude - but now we are asked to tackle the fun with the right precautions ".