Police have found drugs in the apartment of Norwegian ex-ski star Petter Northug, Aftonbladet reported.

A Swedish newspaper reports that police stopped Northug's car due to speeding. After the blood tests, police had raided the 34-year-old Olympic champion’s apartment. Cocaine was found in the apartment.

Northug admitted it happened in his Instagram update late Friday night.

- I've made a big mistake. Last night, the police stopped me. I drove too fast and was also taken to the emergency room for a blood test. In addition, the police found a small amount of drugs in my home. It's cocaine, Northug wrote.

Northug writes that he is extremely disappointed in himself.

- I am desperately afraid of what the future will bring, and incredibly sorry. I know this will be a criminal case. I take responsibility for what I do, Northug finished his writing on Instagram.

Petter Northug ended his sporting career at its peak in December 2018. Stock photo from 2015.

Photo: Artur Widak / NurPhoto / Zuma / MVphotos