Illustration of a national police car, here in front of the Parliament of Brittany, in Rennes. - C. Allain / 20 Minutes

“We did not go far from a tragedy like at Le Mans”. A police officer was violently struck by a vehicle during a check Thursday at the end of the day in Saint-Malo, we learned this Friday from a police source. The facts took place a little after 7 p.m. not far from the Mouchoir Vert roundabout.

On patrol in their car, the police spotted a vehicle which was increasing traffic offenses. While the latter was stuck in traffic, an official approached the driver to proceed to his control. The individual then accelerated and charged at the policeman. "He managed to jump just before being hit and slipped on the hood," said Commander François Botella, contacted by 20 Minutes .

Two people arrested and placed in police custody

Falling violently to the ground, the policeman was slightly injured in the arms and legs. "The injuries are more psychological," said the commander.

After hitting the policeman, the driver fled. After a night of investigation, two people were arrested this Friday morning in Saint-Malo and placed in police custody. It could be the driver and his passenger.


"Refusing authority, that is the evil of society", declares Gérald Darmanin


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