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An advertisement broadcast by Cartier provokes mockery in China. The footage shows two young men on bicycles, wearing the same ring, in a video celebrating the love. But the legend indicates that it is about love… between a father and his son.

As Qixi approaches, Chinese Valentine's Day (August 25 this year), the French jeweler has published a video in honor of his famous “Trinity” ring. The film, visible here, shows a man and a woman holding hands, two women lying side by side, and two men riding bicycles. Images that can be understood as featuring homosexual couples.

The film version released in the run-up to Chinese Valentine's Day, Qixi, which falls on August 25, mixes different couples and ends with the single question "How far would you go for love?"

- Claire Underwood (@ParisPasRose) August 13, 2020

Cartier confirms filial love

But the caption published by Cartier on the Tmall sales site reads: "A father and his son, bound by love, who go through life". On social networks, many Internet users made fun of the jeweler, assuming that the brand had given in to a reflex of modesty in a country where homosexuality is not exposed in the media.

The Cartier house explains that it has "launched a film in China, composed of four independent stories" around the theme of love, illustrating the feelings that can be shared by a couple, friends or members of a family. One of them shows “the unique bond between a father and his son, who together enjoy a joyful and playful bike ride. "

"Since its creation in 1924, the three rings of the Trinity series have always symbolized the intrinsic timelessness of close relationships between lovers, friends and members of the same family", underlines the jeweler in his statement. While homosexuality is no longer taboo in China, the ruling Communist Party is censoring online discussions on the subject and cutting homosexual content in theaters.


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