29 procedures were identified to provide educational services and events

“Knowledge” prevents mixing of student groups in schools

"Knowledge" called for dividing students inside schools into "fixed" groups. Archives

The Knowledge and Human Development Authority in Dubai affirmed the necessity to divide the students who will receive their education inside the school, whether full-time or hybrid, into small, "fixed" groups that receive lessons in a specific room, so that each group does not mix with the other, stressing the need for each group to remain Without change, with no change of teachers and cadres who deal with one group during the same school day.

This comes within the precautionary measures included in the "Procedures for reopening private schools in Dubai" for the new academic year, which was recently issued by the authority, and included 118 precautionary measures, including 29 procedures for providing educational services, special events, common tools, and physical education, in order to ensure Safety of students and school workers, and their protection against the spread of the Coronavirus.

The 29 procedures included in the manual are divided into five procedures for “providing educational services,” two measures for “special activities,” 11 for “common sources or tools,” and 11 for “physical education.”

Among the measures included in the "providing educational services" group is the difference in the percentage of students based on the size of the class. The school has the freedom to determine the number of students in each class, provided that a safe distance of at least one and a half meters between each student is kept. Kindergarten and before it (the foundation year before elementary school), so students should be in “fixed” groups of 10 children or less, without changing each school day, and these 10 children should be taken care of and taken care of in a room that other children outside of this cannot be. Static group accessed.

And keeping each batch of students together, wherever possible, in addition to ensuring that students remain in the same small educational group all the time every school day, and making sure that the different groups do not mix during the school day or in the following days, and making sure that the teachers and cadres who They deal with every educational group, making sure as much as possible that these people do not change during the school day and in the subsequent school days.

In the secondary stage, teachers of some subjects will teach more than one group, and groups of students are not allowed to mix between classes, and for the curricula that use this method, students should stay in a specific class with teachers rotating instead of them, and a specific chair and table must be allocated to each student, and it is not allowed to switch Places to sit or swap chairs.

As for students and teachers who suffer from serious diseases or low immunity, alternative means of education, such as e-learning, should be provided until further notice, and the school provides alternative means of education for students who will not resume normal school hours, including students who suffer from serious diseases, or students In isolation or quarantine, and the like.

As for the "special events" procedures, they include canceling or postponing special events, including festivals, holiday celebrations, special shows and sporting competitions until further notice, and suspending group activities such as school trips, celebrations, and sports and student camps.

With regard to the procedures of "common sources or tools", which include placing banners, educational posters and instructions to clarify the rules followed when using common materials, while maintaining complete sterilization after each use, avoiding the use of soft toys or those containing complex parts that are difficult to clean, and sterilizing all tools and equipment. In classrooms.

Students and teachers should also bring stationery materials and their own devices (laptops, tablets, headphones, etc.). It is not allowed to share these tools and materials with others, and avoid using tools that require blowing (such as musical instruments, whistles, blow tubes, etc.).

With regard to "physical education", the guide specified 11 procedures to be applied inside the school, including that schools resume physical education classes, to ensure the maintenance of students' activity and health, with strict adherence to safety standards, and students or physical education teachers are not required to wear masks. During physical education classes.

Encouraging extra-curricular activities

The Knowledge and Human Development Authority in Dubai advised the necessity to remove unnecessary carpets, equipment, materials and pieces of furniture from the classroom, and to encourage the conduct of extra-curricular activities online.

I preferred to close some types of play areas (such as dressing areas for characters, indoor play areas with soft materials, reading corners that include soft types of furniture), and the furniture and tools in the open play areas should be easy to clean, and sharing games and other common sources is not allowed With other groups of students, except after washing and sterilizing them.

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