Western countries welcomed the normalization agreement between the UAE and Israel, announced today by US President Donald Trump, while the agreement was criticized by Iran and Turkey.

British Prime Minister Boris Johnson praised the UAE and Israel’s decision to normalize relations, and said that what happened was "very good news." The British official added that the normalization decision and the agreement to suspend land annexation in the West Bank "is a step towards a more peaceful Middle East."

The Democratic candidate for the US presidency, Joe Biden, praised the Emirati-Israeli peace agreement, and said that it "bridges deep divisions in the Middle East." Obama based on the Arab Peace Initiative. "

A gentleman's welcome

A spokesman for the Secretary-General of the United Nations, Antonio Guterres, said today that the latter welcomes "any initiative that could promote peace and security in the Middle East region."

On the other hand, Iran and Turkey condemned the Emirati-Israeli agreement. Amir Abd al-Lahian, assistant to the Iranian parliament speaker for international affairs, stated that the Emirati normalization with Israel "does not preserve peace but rather serves Israel's crimes."

He added in a tweet to him on Twitter that the UAE "is committing a strategic mistake by normalizing it with Israel, and that its repercussions will be bad for it. The behavior of Abu Dhabi is unjustified and is tantamount to abandoning the Palestinian cause."

Commenting on the Emirati-Israeli agreement, Turkish presidential spokesman Ibrahim said, "History will write that those who betrayed the Palestinian people and their cause are the losers."