The Ministry of Foreign Affairs used Czech proverbs to respond to Pompeo’s erroneous remarks concerning China during his visit to the Czech Republic: Those who dig pits for others will also fall into the pits themselves.

  On August 13, Foreign Ministry Spokesperson Zhao Lijian presided over a regular press conference. A reporter asked at the meeting: According to reports, US Secretary of State Pompeo delivered a speech during his visit to the Czech Republic on the 12th, saying that the Chinese Communist Party’s rule and control methods pose a much greater threat than Russia. Americans now recognize that the Chinese Communist Party threatens their values ​​and lifestyle. In addition, Pompeo also criticized China's domestic and foreign policies in anti-epidemic, Hong Kong, Xinjiang, and South China Sea policies. What is China's comment?

  Zhao Lijian stated that Pompeo has repeatedly accused the Communist Party of China and China's domestic and foreign policies out of Cold War mentality and self-interest. China has repeatedly stated its position on this issue. Wherever Pompeo goes, he takes political viruses and false information wherever he goes. As soon as he left the Czech Republic, the Chinese Embassy in the Czech Republic was busy "disinfecting" and has issued a press release. It is a waste of everyone's time to refute Pompeo's remarks.

  I would like to take this opportunity to ask friends in the media to help me ask Pompeo. He is like a chicken blood, repeating the lies that ignore the facts and reverse the black and white, is he not guilty? It must be pointed out that Pompeo and his like are trying to tie the international community to an anti-communist and anti-China chariot, so that other countries can spur the United States. The international community sees this very clearly and will not buy it, and peace-loving people will not agree. China will not be "paced" by him. The schemes of Pompeo and others are doomed to fail. To borrow a Czech proverb, "He who digs a hole for others will fall into the hole himself."

  (CCTV reporter Shen Yang Jin Danni)