There are between eight and eleven sections in each of the different minority languages. It is a series for the age group 18 to 30 years that is broadcast on SVT Play and on SVT2.

- We speak Romani, Sami, Finnish and Meänkieli, says Samantha Coard

Now the Sami programs are starting to be broadcast: My voice - Mu jitena.

V ad, we can expect to see in these programs?

- These are topics that span a wide field. It's high and low. It's everything from fashion to mental illness. These are topics that touch. 

Who is the audience?

- The primary target group are those who speak the minority languages. We are anxious, no matter what languages ​​are spoken, to include the perspective of minority languages, but it is also aimed at the general public.

Are there any special challenges in making programs in Sami?

- It is important to have people who know the issue and not Swedes who make programs for Sami. It is the most important. For all minority languages, it is important that the editorial staff has an inside perspective, says executive producer Samantha Coard.