China News Service, August 13 According to Japanese media reports, on the 13th, the Japanese city of Osaka announced that more than 1,500 human bones had been dug up in a cemetery.

  According to reports, the place where the human bone remains was found in the development zone near JR Osaka Station. The surrounding area was called the "Umeda Tomb" during the Edo and Meiji periods more than 100 years ago.

  According to the report, the Osaka City Government and the Cultural Heritage Association stated that more than 1,500 human bone remains were found this time, as well as tablets, hairpins, and tobacco pouches. Since there are few burial objects, this area may belong to the cemetery of the lower classes at that time.

  According to reports, many of the excavated human bone remains have varying degrees of disease. In addition, experts speculate that most of the dead were children and young people around 30 years old.