The pants squeeze and the feeling is disgusting! Sara Sieppi recently opened up on social media.

Healthy lifestyles have been a bit left out of Siep in the summer, he said on Instagram. Instead of sneakers, the legs have more often been caps, and the trainings have also been less than normal. As a result, the feeling is not the best now, Sieppi described.

Do you identify with feelings? No worries: heat, salty foods, sugary treats and drinks are felt and displayed easily in the body. Fortunately, the swelling gets rid of pretty quickly.

The condition does not collapse in a few weeks

In her post, Sara Sieppi also pointed out that she has not been able to move actively, but compulsive sports cannot be a workable solution either.

You should be gracious to yourself, because the condition will not collapse in a few weeks.

- If you have spent an irregular life, grilled a lot, drank a lot and moved a little, leaving these bad habits can already do a lot, instructed nutritionist Reijo Laatikainen recently in our story.

Here are some tips to help you get away with summer bloating, if you plan to.

1. Get moving

Sweat it out! Take a break from sitting, take a walk. Exercise is one of the most effective ways to lighten your body and body. It also promotes intestinal function.

2. Drink enough water

Water is considered by nutritionists to be the best thirst quencher. Drinking water may momentarily seem to swell the stomach, but in the long run it will help with the swelling.

Maintaining fluid balance allows the metabolism to function normally. THL also reports from drinking water that the fluid supports metabolism, reduces swelling and prevents constipation.

In warm and hot weather, the recommendations for a healthy adult are 2-3 liters of fluid a day. About half of it should be drunk and the other half with food, the THL website says.

Lunch salad and a bottle of water are good choices for the working day.

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3. Increase the amount of vegetables on the plate

Fresh salads, smoothies, berries - there is plenty to choose from. Vegetables fill the stomach well, but contain little energy. They are also rich in healthy nutrients.

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4. Monitor salt intake

Salt collects fluid in the body, and its abundant use is not desirable anyway. The recommended salt intake is 5 grams per day.

For example, sausages and other highly processed products are high in salt and low in intestinal fiber. Learn to use herbs instead of salt in cooking.

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5. Stop teasing

Alcohol is high in energy. Alcohol also removes fluid from the body, which can lead to dehydration. This in turn can increase bloating.

Reducing dripping can show up in the body even quickly.

- My sleep quality improved significantly. Excess accumulated fluid disappeared from my body and the “stomach” decreased. In the morning I felt refreshed and periodically moved more. My skin also stays more audible, said Piia Koriseva in our story.

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6. Try reducing Fodmap carbs

Swelling can also be caused by intestinal gas in the colon.

Swelling can be prevented by avoiding rye, wheat and barley products, apples, pears, plums, asparagus, onions, walls, peas, beans and other so-called Fodmap carbohydrates.

For example, legumes can cause flatulence.

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7. Steady meal rhythm, reduce sugary drinks

Get into a healthy, steady meal rhythm. Enjoy breakfast, two meals and two small snacks during the day.

A steady meal rhythm makes it easier to control hunger and eating and helps keep portion sizes appropriate. Even your stomach feels better when you eat smaller portions.

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Sugar-containing drinks, beer, and fresh juice do not increase the feeling of satiety, so you should still eat the same amount of food with them as with low-calorie drinks.

Water, coffee and non-alcoholic beer are light alternatives that should be replaced by at least some sugary drinks, said internal medicine specialist Professor Pertti Mustajoki in an earlier story.

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Forget quick diets

If you have gained an extra pound during your summer vacation, you should not panic about a quick diet.

As everyday life becomes more active and your food rhythm improves, any small pounds you gain may fall naturally. A variety of lever traps are available, but you shouldn’t succumb to them.

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