Germany has expressed its confidence that a vaccine will be found against the Corona virus next year, and Argentina and Mexico are preparing to produce a vaccine that is currently being developed, and developments are accelerating with regard to a potential treatment. Many countries, such as India, are still recording record numbers of cases of the disease.

Today, Thursday, German Health Minister Jens Young said in televised statements that he expects to find a vaccine for Corona in the coming months, and certainly next year.

Shan again expressed his doubts about the "Sputnik 5" vaccine, which Russia announced that it will start production next month, noting that it has not yet been tested on a large scale like other vaccines currently undergoing experiments.

The German minister's statements reinforced hopes of soon reaching an anti-virus vaccine, and these hopes were revived after Russian President Vladimir Putin announced the registration of the first vaccine against the disease, but this announcement was met by skepticism from several parties, including the World Health Organization.

Countries in Europe, China and the United States are conducting clinical trials to ensure the effectiveness of potential vaccines, and world leaders and officials, including US President Donald Trump, are likely to reach an effective treatment for the virus by the end of this year or within the next year.

For his part, Argentine President Alberto Fernandez announced last night that Argentina and Mexico will take over the production of the future vaccine against the Corona virus, which is being developed by the British-Swedish laboratory, AstraZeneca, with the University of Oxford.

Fernandez added that the AstraZeneca laboratory signed an agreement with the Carlos Foundation in Mexico to produce between 150 and 250 million doses of the anticipated vaccine intended for all of Latin America except for Brazil, explaining that the vaccine will be available in the first half of 2021, and it will be distributed equitably between countries based on Governments request.

And the Swedish British informant office in Mexico confirmed in a statement that it would not achieve an economic benefit from the production of the vaccine.

In Brazil, which is conducting clinical trials on the potential AstraZeneca vaccine in a center in Sao Paulo, the state of Parana (southern) signed a memorandum of understanding with Russia yesterday to test and produce the "Sputnik 5" vaccine.

And Latin America has become the region most affected by the Corona epidemic in the world, with 5.7 million injuries, including more than 225,000 deaths, and more than half of the cases have been recorded in Brazil, the most affected in the region, followed by Mexico.

Rising numbers
In terms of daily statistics, Brazil recorded more than 55,000 new injuries, and Argentina recorded 7,000 new injuries, bringing the total to 268,000, while Mexico recorded about 6,000 injuries.

In Asia, India today announced a record daily increase in Corona cases by 66,000, which brings the total to about 2.4 million injuries, while the total deaths exceeded 47,000.

In Iran, today 174 deaths were recorded, bringing the total deaths to 19,000, and more than 2,600 new HIV infections, bringing the total to 336,000.

The epidemic also continued to spread in Israel at a high rate, with more than 1,600 new infections and 3 other deaths reported from the virus.

And a large toll was also recorded in the Philippines, while the recorded injuries today in China decreased compared to the previous day.

In Eastern Europe, a record jump in injuries was recorded in Ukraine, after more than 1,500 new infections were recorded, and Russia continued to record new injuries in the range of 5,000 injuries per day.

As for Western Europe, new infections continue to be recorded alarmingly in Germany, and recently several European countries, including Britain and Spain, have re-imposed restrictions in areas where the epidemic has spread again, while today the first infection with the Coronavirus was recorded in a refugee camp on the island of Chios in Greece, and the injured is a migrant Yemeni.

In the Arab world, Morocco recorded a record number of 1,499 new infections yesterday, while the increase in local infections in a number of Tunisia's governorates raises concern.

Iraq and Saudi Arabia continue to record the highest numbers in terms of injuries and deaths.

In Turkey, it was decided to postpone the start of the school year for schools and universities for a month, after the daily number of HIV infections exceeded 1,000.