- I am afraid that it will be like last spring, that many seek care too late, she says.

She believes that the corona outbreak should not deter anyone from seeking care, and that the situation is handled well. But at the same time, she is surprised that Västervik, which has been a relatively spared municipality, has now been affected.

- We were quite surprised. We have not had very many cases, but now it came.

Discovered at discharge

The corona outbreak was detected during a routine check-up when a patient was to be discharged from the hospital. When the test showed positive, an extensive testing was started where more cases were discovered.

- We do not know how it could happen. We are extra careful all the time, but even if you are very careful, you can miss, says Anna Michaëlsson.

Care recipients are not affected

Staff who have symptoms should stay at home, and those who have been found to be infected as well. This means a loss of staff at the hospital, but despite this, the chief physician is not worried that the care will suffer.

- In the affected ward, we have admission stops, so there will be fewer patients, and then not as much staff is needed, says Anna Michaëlsson.