In the center of the group photo, which was recently taken during a CDU election campaign event in Castrop-Rauxel at around 30 degrees, the NRW Prime Minister Armin Laschet (white shirt) can be seen standing in a forest in front of a high table covered by a high table cover Explains something (dynamic, knowledgeable). His audience is about 16 other men (mayor or district administrator candidates, some in white shirts, but even more in blue) whose faces are difficult to distinguish from each other and from Armin Laschet's because there is nothing significant that can be distinguished ( light necks, then heads with light hair that is becoming less). And for this reason (lack of diversity in the CDU), Laschet's Castrop-Rauxel photo fell on his feet online afterwards, as he himself would probably have put it, which is certainly also due to the fact that this Castrop-Rauxel photo is in the Basically cannot be called a photo.

You have to say it's a historical painting, a terrible one, in several ways. To begin with, bar tables covered by bar table covers are an insult because that ghostly and ridiculous disguise (like TV log fires, like push-up bras) is even more noticeable than the impossibility of bar tables per se. When you stand at high tables, you listen to empty sentences that have to be said so that it can be said afterwards that they were said, namely by XY, and everyone knows that, of course, and for this purpose they go all their life to covered by high table covers High tables that, in their intention of concealing what is supposedly unattractive, operate just as trampled and dull as the words that are used around high tables usually are.

In order to participate successfully, one needs an incredible self-denial energy, which is also the prerequisite for wearing the clothing of the 17 or so men in the picture: Uniform, without any ornament and thus asserting rationality and reason, they protrude indiscriminately into the sky (like Trees or, oh God, phalluses), but in the heat they all want to go to the outdoor pool. But there are seventeen of them in shirts, closed shoes, brown trousers that are too tight at the waistband, in a German forest (as is well known, a thing that you should be careful with) at bar tables covered with high table covers and will be, as soon as the photo is spread in the social networks, laughed at, and they probably knew that beforehand. Contrary to what their shirts claim, there is nothing rational about this situation (but so-called patriarchy has never been that either).