The family of the Lebanese artist Antoine Kerbaj said - in a statement - that Alzheimer "kept the great actor out of the sight of his fans for years," asserting that "the name engraved in the hearts of the Lebanese and on the pages of art and creativity in Lebanon is fine."

This is the first reaction of the Kerbaj family after the news spread that the capable Lebanese actor was among the inmates of the St. It resulted in the killing of 14 medical staff, patients, and visitors, and wounding dozens, and took place on its entire floors, from which patients were evacuated to other hospitals.

According to the news, which was reported by some websites and media, that Kerbaj was left by his family in the hospital for their negligence in caring for him, and the Actors Union and the state did not care about his injury due to the explosion.

Respect our privacy

Following these rumors, Al Jazeera Net tried to contact the great actor and his family without getting any answer. It seems that the family had received a lot of calls to know the correctness of the information from its source, which prompted his wife Laure Gharib and his children Walid, Rola and Mazen, to issue a statement announcing Antoine Kerbaj's health condition and his hospitalization conditions, thanking the attention of the people and the media, and asking for privacy for the family.

"We inform you, knowing that our beloved dear actor Antoine Kerbage has been suffering for 6 years from the incurable Alzheimer's disease, which requires specialized medical attention and monitoring on a daily basis. The Elderly Care Center is located at St. George Hospital (Al-Roum Hospital) - where Antoine Kerbage has been staying since February," the statement reads. February 2020 - With medical follow-up and providing the necessary care for him We would have preferred to keep the matter in the right place where it should be, that is, within the family and private sphere, but after the Lebanese media published the news, we needed to clarify the matter. Antoine Kerbaj is an audience, admirers, journalists and art workers, for their love, dedication and support for Antoine Kerbaj's artistic career throughout his years of success, without you this process would not have been as you knew it.

And his daughter Rola had written on her account explaining her father's situation, asking the audience "Instead of posting messages that do not reflect the reality in which our family lives and which will not bring you anything, try instead to help the needy, it is better. Don't worry about Antoine, we are." We care about it. Thank you very much. "

The news of the artist Antoine Kerbaj's placement in an elderly home sparked a great debate among the artists on the communication sites, as the artist, Bassem Mughniyeh, commented, saying: If the news is true, where are the unions and where are we?

Now I know that our great professor, Antoine Kerbaj, is in the elderly home. Is this true? And if it is true. Where are the unions, where are the people, and where are we ?????

- Bassem Moughnieh (@Bassemmoughnieh) August 11, 2020

However, producer and director Marawan Haddad added a comment on Mughniyeh's tweets, saying that the artist Antoine Kerbaj is in a private shelter at his own expense, with a monthly amount in order to receive a service worthy of his level.

I understood that there is a private shelter, i.e. a shelter in the form of a rest house and a hospital, at his own expense (a monthly sum paid by those who enter it to serve at a level befitting its owner)

- Marwan Haddad (@ marwanhaddad_1) August 11, 2020

Despite the confirmation of the Kerbaj family, the news that it had been deposited in a private shelter to receive the necessary health service and medical follow-up, the journalist Nidal al-Ahmadiyya denied the news from its basis.


- Bassem Moughnieh (@Bassemmoughnieh) August 12, 2020

In theater and television

The Lebanese artist Antoine Kerbaj has a rich history that is still present in the memory of the masses, through his theatrical and television roles since the 1960s, from the king and the governor to the inspector, smuggler, clown and Roman leader Patricus Palma, Youssef Bey Karam, Hulu, Macbeth and Oedipus, and other roles, and he also played roles that have a village character and others. In the Rahabneh plays alongside Fayrouz, such as the play "Yaish Yaish", in which he takes the role of a smuggler.

He also played the king's role in the play "The Keyhole", and the Roman leader who kidnapped the Queen's daughter in the play "Petra".

He also participated in the Caracalla Ensemble and the plays and roles of international writers such as Shakespeare, Jean-Paul Sartre and Victor Hugo.


It can only be distinguished by this voice, which an entire generation still awaits, in the series "Berber Agha", in which Antoine Kerbaj captivated with his voice, personality and looks, the hearts of adults and children.

A year and a half ago in December 2018, the Ministry of Culture organized the National Lebanon Festival of Theater, and the first session bore the name of Antoine Kerbaj, who was unable to attend due to illness, and the Minister of Culture awarded him in the name of the President of the Republic, Michel Aoun, the National Cedar Medal of the rank of officer, in appreciation of his artistic and cultural efforts on Over 40 years.