Today, Thursday, Iraqi Prime Minister Mustafa Al-Kazemi renewed his government's intention to hold early parliamentary elections in the country on the date previously set, in the middle of next year.

Al-Kazemi stressed during a meeting with the Chairman and members of the Council of the Independent High Electoral Commission, that "the current government is determined to hold the elections on the date it has approved, based on the fact that it is a public demand and the desire of political forces, in addition to being one of the priorities of the government program, and it is committed to it."

Al-Kazemi urged the “Election Commission to intensify its efforts to complete its preparations for the elections,” stressing that the government would work with all its capabilities to hold the elections on the scheduled date on June 6 of next year.

The prime minister directed all ministries and departments to remove obstacles and facilitate the necessary procedures before the independent High Commission, to work with all means to hold elections on time.

Al-Kazemi had pledged earlier that the early elections would be fair, under international supervision, and away from the power of arms.

The new draft election law represents the biggest obstacle to holding elections, as the bill is still stalling since last year, due to disagreements between the political blocs on some of its provisions.

Late last year, Parliament began discussing a new bill that would make room for the rise of independents and small blocs to Parliament.

Among the controversial items: the adoption of a single electoral district at the level of one governorate or multiple districts, as well as the adoption of direct voting for a candidate or voting for the electoral list.