Thibaut Pinot during the Tour de France 2019. - Christophe Ena / AP / SIPA

Popular, of course, but not "free". In Rennes, environmentalists, under fire from critics since the city did not wish to host the start of the Tour de France 2021, persist and sign. “The Tour de France is a popular event. It is obvious (…) But, far from being “free” as we have been able to read, it is very expensive in public money ”, the Rennes activists from EELV wrote in a press release.

The Tour de France deserves that we take a critical look at it. The insults and insults against elected ecologists are unworthy of a political debate, we have the right to take another look at the world after.

- EELV Rennes (@Eelv_Rennes) August 13, 2020

However, in the context of uncertainty created by the health crisis linked to Covid, "public money is becoming all the more precious as it will have, from our point of view, to support above all the most fragile, local businesses, local cultural players ”, they continue.

"Relatively modest economic benefits"

The public money spent on hosting the Tour is "for relatively modest economic benefits, because they are very one-off", they believe, also noting that "there is also no correlation between the hosting of the Tour and the development of daily cycling trips that we are the first to defend ”.

"So yes, you can like the Tour, want it to go through your city, without considering that its high cost is a priority at the moment", they emphasize.

The furious opposition against the mayor of Rennes

EELV's position has aroused strong criticism, with part of the municipal opposition accusing Nathalie Appéré of having "lowered the office of mayor". “Nathalie Appéré and her majority have made the choice, in the secrecy of the felted alcoves of the Town Hall, to deprive Rennes of being able to be the starting city of the Tour de France. This decision will mark durably and sadly the mandate which begins ”, wrote in a press release the opposition counselor Charles Compagnon (DVD).

🔴 REFUSAL TO WELCOME THE START OF THE TOUR DE FRANCE 2021: Nathalie APPERE has lowered the position of Mayor 🔴

Find the press release from Charles COMPAGNON, president of the group "Libres d'Agir Pour Rennes" at the municipal council #Rennes @LeTour # TDF2021

- Free to Act For Rennes (@ Compagnon2020) August 12, 2020

"By his decision, by his lack of courage, by his compromise, Nathalie Appéré lowered the function of Mayor of Rennes", he considers. As for the LREM city councilors and their supporters, they are ironic about the “irreducible ecologists and socialists” who refuse “the party” of the Tour.


Education, finances, culture, biodiversity… What the ecologists will manage in Rennes


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