Hafthor Björnsson, one of the strongest men in the world, has announced that he will end his top career in powerlifting.

The Icelandic giant spoke about it on Instagram over the weekend after winning the title of Iceland’s strongest man for the tenth time in a row.

The notice of termination also contained a small reservation.

- Now begins a new journey which I am very excited. The time the sport has been spectacular, but I decided to take a long break. Maybe I will never return, but I can never say never, 31-year-old Björnsson wrote.

He will also focus on his family life in the future. She posed in connection with the news in the photo with her pregnant wife.

The couple’s size difference in the picture looks staggering, and no wonder: the power giant is 206 cents tall and weighs over 200 pounds.

Wife Kelsey Henson is 157 cents tall, according to various media reports.

- My heart says that I have to stay healthy and do what is best for my family, Björnsson wrote.

Kelsey Henson has also published pictures of the married couple on Instagram.

- My favorite place is next to you, Henson wrote in connection with a group photo.

There has been enough talk about the size difference of the couple before. Last spring, Björnsson showed how lightly his own wife takes to the air. He joked that the wife didn’t particularly like being a “weight”.

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Björnsson has won several major competitions in his career, e.g. the strongest man in the world in 2018. Last spring, he pulled the world record with a result of 501 pounds.

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The result improved the record in Eddie Hall’s name by one pound.

Björnsson has also become familiar with the TV series Game of Thrones, where he starred in 2014–2019. He was seen in the series as Gregor Clegane.

The famous muscle bundle Hafthor Björnsson steps aside from the racing stages.

Photo: Caitlin Ochs / Reuters