A passenger plane of Shenzhen Airlines plummeted for about 5 minutes, and the Civil Aviation Administration announced the investigation result: it was caused by the failure of the rear cargo door seal

  The person in charge of the relevant department of the Civil Aviation Administration today (13th) released the investigation results of the Shenzhen Airlines cabin decompression incident and the China Eastern Airlines mechanical failure return incident on August 9. 

  The person in charge of civil aviation said that on August 9th, Shenzhen Airlines passenger 330-343 aircraft carried out a flight from Shenzhen to Xi'an. When it rose to 9,200 meters in the Guangzhou area, a warning message of cabin altitude and cabin pressure appeared. The crew followed the procedures and announced an emergency descent. , Then return to Shenzhen. During the whole process, the unit was operated correctly and handled properly. After investigation, the incident was caused by a faulty seal on the rear cargo door of the aircraft. Cockpit decompression events are usually caused by cockpit, cargo compartment sealing problems or failure of the air conditioning booster system.

  On the same day, China Eastern Airlines passenger 330-243 aircraft carried out a flight from Chengdu to Beijing. During the flight, an engine instrument display failure occurred. Considering the engine instrument display problem and the expected thunderstorm when landing at Beijing Capital Airport, the crew and the airline jointly made decisions and prepared. Arrive at Xi'an Xianyang Airport. After the aircraft landed, it was found that the electronic control computer of the engine was faulty, and it returned to normal after replacement. The above two mechanical failures have a certain probability of occurrence. The regular repetitive training conducted by the flight crew every year includes similar subjects, and the crew can handle them skillfully and correctly to ensure flight safety. (CCTV reporter Chen Qiao)