At the end of this month, defense minister Chung Gyeong-du will take over and there will be a successor from June and July. It is almost the norm, and the names of some runners are showing up and down in Hamapyeong. In this month, former Joint Chiefs of Staff Lee Soon-jin is suddenly being mentioned as the influential next minister. There were even rumors that the announcement of Minister Lee Soon-jin's greetings was scheduled for tomorrow.

The general prospect of the military is that if former Chairman Lee Soon-jin becomes the Secretary of Defense, Army General Seo Wook, the current Chief of Staff of the Army, will be the Joint Chiefs of Staff, and Army General Nam Young-shin, the current ground operations commander, will be replaced by Chief of Staff of the Army. Among them, the only point of watching is that Captain Seo Wook is the only one from Yuksa, the vested power of the military.

The positions of the Vice Minister of Defense and Director of the Defense Agency are also expected to find new people. Both positions are likely to be occupied by civilians, but military sources agree that Kang Eun-ho, the current deputy director of the Bangsaeng Agency, has been listed as a candidate for both the Vice Minister and Director of the Bangsaeng Agency.

● Is the 5·16 a revolution?... In 2015, a nervous

war with President Moon Jae-in, former Joint Chiefs of Staff Lee Soon-jin, passed a personnel hearing on October 5, 2015, and took over as chairman. President Moon Jae-in was the leader of the opposition at the time. At the hearing as a member of the National Defense Commission, we had a fierce discussion with former Chairman Lee Soon-jin.

-Moon Jae-in, then Defense Commissioner: On August 9, when the DMZ Mine Mine incident was revealed to be a North Korean affair, our candidate played golf that day while serving as the commander of the 2nd Operation. As for what you are answering about that point, you made excuses such as'I didn't know' or'The fact has not been spread to Operation 2 until then.' Wouldn't it be better to admit that you were wrong as a soldier, so cool?
-Candidate Soon-Jin Lee: Even if there was no spread of the situation, I don't think the commander played golf was thoughtful.

Since North Korea's actions were already influential even before the official investigation results came out, the candidate Lee Soon-jin at the time apologized cleanly for his leisurely golfing at that time. However, the two did not turn against each other over their thoughts on the May 16 Revolution.

-Moon Jae-in, then National Defense Commissioner: In the past paper, I wrote'The May 16 is a Revolution'. Do you?
-Candidate Soon-jin Lee: Yes
-Jae-in Moon, then National Defense Commissioner: When I asked for an answer, he answered'It is not appropriate to disclose personal opinions'. Right now, the chairman of the Joint Chiefs of Staff should command the entire army with military authority, but it would not be correct to say that he was an individual. In the past, it may have been that the 5·16 was expressed as a revolution without thinking deeply, but shouldn't we have to reveal a clear position about it in the midst of becoming the chairman of the Joint Chiefs of Staff now?
-Candidate Soon-Jin Lee: At that time, I wrote the thesis using various reference materials. Using reference materials...
-Moon Jae-in, then National Defense Commissioner: It should be established now. Because he will be the chairman of the Joint Chiefs of Staff. The 5·16 military coup is all historically established and official, but is it difficult to answer?
-Candidate Soon-Jin Lee at the time: Personally, there may be a variety of evaluations.
-Moon Jae-in, then National Defense Commissioner: How is your personal opinion? He is the one who will be the chairman of the Joint Chiefs of Staff, but is he not the one who will lead the military in the future? It is a revolution for the military to intervene in politics. If you have this consciousness, how can you entrust the military commander with that attitude?
-Candidate Soon-Jin Lee: As the Chairman of the Joint Chiefs of Staff, I will work with a clear conviction regarding political neutrality.
-Moon Jae-in, then National Defense Commissioner: Are you saying you won't admit it?
-Lee Soon-jin then candidate: Leave it to historical judgment...
-Moon Jae-in, then National Defense Commissioner: What is your historical judgment now? What is the historical judgment that has been made about the 5·16? With that said, how could the opposition party agree to ratify the candidate? Speak confidently like a soldier. No, it's really disappointing. What do you notice?

At the time, the defense commissioner Moon Jae-in condemned the candidate Lee Soon-jin at the time, and the 5/16 debate ended over whether the 5/16 could not be called a coup because of President Park Geun-hye's notice. I wonder what he thinks about 5·16 now.

However, in August 2017, former Chairman Lee Soon-jin's campaign was happy. President Moon Jae-in personally attended and presented a ticket with the couple. President Moon gave a round-trip voting right to Canada to visit his daughter living in Canada when the couple had never traveled abroad. Whatever the thoughts and philosophy of Lee Soon-jin, it was interpreted as a move to gain military attention based on high approval ratings.

● Molina Kim Un-yong, Kim Yong-woo, and others were

former army chiefs of staff , Kim Yong-woo, the former chief of staff, and the former chief of staff, Kim Un-yong, the commander of the reserve army (40 of the land). The last prestigious offices of active duty as chief of staff of the army and commander-in-chief have also begun and ended with this government. To be honest, they are the soldiers of this government. They are candidates for the next minister, even if there is no will.

Reservist Captain Kim Un-yong is the army's representative operational strategy. He served as the 3rd Division Commander, 2nd Corps Commander, and Chief of Staff of the Army Headquarters Information Operations, and has been evaluated for excellent strategic insight. Reserve Captain Kim Yong-woo is the person who laid the foundation of the smart army such as the Warrior platform and the drone bot combat team.

On the other hand, former Joint Chiefs of Staff Lee Soon-jin (three companies, 14th term) served as chairman from October 2015 to August 2017. I am a soldier of the Park Geun-hye government. Former Minister Han Min-koo is also a person who cannot call 5·16 a coup, which he emphasizes as a coup. An official from the National Assembly's Defense Committee pointed out, "This government is also close to the reserve generals who are said to have been redeemed." There are many rumors that President Moon, who is critical of the soloism from a six-year history, wants Lee Soon-jin, a fattenant, to appoint as defense secretary, but it is also the reason why the cautious debate is that he must open the lid.

● Chairman of the Joint Chiefs of Staff, Chief of the Army, Vice-Minister of Defense, Director of Bangsaeng Waiting for Serial Greetings

Army Chief of Staff Seo-wook (41th Army) is the most influential leader of the next Joint Chiefs of Staff, and Jijak Commander Nam Young-shin (23rd District of School District) is the influential leader of the next Army Chief of Staff. When Defense Minister Lee Soon-jin is finalized, the theory of alienation of the six deaths will almost certainly come to mind. If you are the chief of staff of the army who were a fattener, and a minister who was a finisher, you will inevitably be inconvenient for the soldiers who are the largest forces in the military.

Commander Nam Yeong-shin has an additional factor that he plays the leading role in the decommissioning of the Kimu Command and the birth of the Security Support Command, but there are also factors that are deducted from being in charge of the failure to guard against the defection of the Samcheok wooden ship last year and the North Korea incident in Ganghwa Island this year. Currently, there are many comments that the decommissioning of the Kimu Command is great. When he becomes the Chief of Staff of the Army, he becomes the first Chief of Staff of the Army to be a finisher.

Candidates for the next Vice Minister of Defense include Eun-ho Kang and Nam-woo Lee, Deputy Director of the Ministry of Defense, and Eun-ho Kang and Jae-min Park, Vice Minister of the Defense Ministry. Deputy Deputy Deputy Minister Kang Eun-ho was simultaneously named as a candidate for the Vice Minister and the Commissioner. An official from the Defense Agency said, "The executives from Haengsi who are competing with the military at the Agency are fully supporting Deputy Director Kang."