At least two people have been killed and dozens injured in a religious riot that originated from a Facebook message in Bangalore, South India, authorities said on Wednesday.

The cause of the rage was an update by the nephew of a local politician, who was considered to have despised the Prophet Muhammad. According to the author of the message, his account was hacked.

At least 60 police officers were injured when a raging crowd attacked a police station on Tuesday and set cars on fire. The rebels also burned the house of a local politician.

Police used tear gas and fired at the rioters. According to hospital sources, those killed in the riots had died from gunshot wounds.

There were still thousands of police reserve troops in Bangalore on Wednesday, and a curfew was in place in part of the city. Hundreds of people have been arrested on suspicion of arson and rioting. The man who made the Facebook update has also been arrested.