12 August 2020Accident during the night in Castelmagno, in the upper Grana Valley, in the southern Cottian Alps in the province of Cuneo. Near the Maraman refuge, along the road to Monte Crocette, a car went off the road for reasons not yet cleared. Five confirmed victims. With the 24-year-old driver, four other very young people aged between 11 and 16 died. Four were injured, two in serious condition, also young. According to initial information, all the occupants were thrown out of the cockpit of the off-road vehicle, which ended about 200 meters from the roadway. The young victims are all from the province of Cuneo and it is likely that they were on holiday with their families in the upper Valle Grana. Some family members, according to what is learned, arrived at the scene of the accident after a few minutes.