NY stock price Dow average price rises, rising for the first time in five months and half 5:59 on August 13

On the 12th, the New York stock market reached its first high in five and a half months, with the Dow average stock price rising due to expectations of the economic outlook.

The New York Stock Exchange Dow Average closing share price on the 12th was 279.76.84 cents higher than the previous day by 289.93 cents.

At one point, it recovered $28,000, which was the closing price for the first time in five and a half months since February 21st.

The stock index of Nasdaq, which has many IT-related stocks, also rebounded for the first time in four days.

In the New York stock market, there are “S&P500” which is calculated by the stock prices of 500 major companies alongside these two stock indexes, but the closing price on that day was 3380.35, which is almost the same level as the highest price in February. It is a form that recovered the portion that plunged due to the spread of new coronavirus infection.

Market officials said, “In addition to the environment in which large-scale monetary easing continues for the time being, bullishness is expected in anticipation of an economic recovery. By the way, market acceptance seems relatively positive as "not the extreme left"."