“It is quite natural that a number of countries, well, first of all, the United States of America, are striving to use the Internet as their fiefdom, that is, as a tool to ensure exclusively their own goals,” Medvedev quotes at a meeting on creating a regime of equal rights in Internet governance. RIA News.

The deputy head of the Security Council recalled that the United States controls the system of domain names and IP addresses.

“To put it bluntly and simply, it shouldn't be so,” TASS quotes him.

Medvedev noted that the United States "interprets the decisions of certain companies solely from the point of view of ensuring its own national interests," regardless of international competition and norms.

On August 7, American leader Donald Trump signed a decree prohibiting any transactions with ByteDance, which owns TikTok, or its subsidiaries.

TikTok said that the decree threatens to undermine the confidence of world business in the United States' commitment to the rule of law.

The Russian Foreign Ministry called Washington's actions towards TikTok a blatant example of unfair economic competition.