Hong Kong Democratic activist Shuba and others bail police to investigate for prosecution August 12 12:10

Democratic activist Suwani, who was arrested in Hong Kong on suspicion of violating the National Security Act and bailed before dawn on 12th Japan time, said he was ``most scared of being arrested so far'' about police interrogation. It was. Police will continue to investigate the charges.

Police in Hong Kong were suspected of violating the National Security Maintenance Law of Hong Kong and others on the 10th, and 10 people including Mr. Shuba, a democratic activist, and the founder of "Ringo Ilbo" known for a critical tone in China, Mr. Hidetomo Rei Was arrested.

In Hong Kong, if arrested, bail may be granted before deciding to prosecute, and police released 10 people arrested this time by dawn on the 12th.

Among them, Mr. Zhou said in interview in Japanese in front of the police station that had been detained on the 12th of Japan time, ``I have been arrested 4 times so far, but honestly, this time I was the most scary'' It was.

He added, "The police said they had colluded with foreign powers using SNS since July as a reason for the arrest, but they have said nothing about the date and content, and are vague." I think the Security Act is for political repression," he strongly criticized the Hong Kong government's response.

According to Zhou, the police have confiscated their passports and are asking them to reappear on the 1st of next month.

Police will continue to investigate the charges.