Fransız dergisi Liberation kapağında,
Putin'in elinde silah yerine şırınga ile
aşıyı tuttuğu Photoshop'u kullanmış

- Talat Çetin (@TalatEnverovich) August 12, 2020

The headline of the newspaper's edition, which is dedicated to the vaccine against the coronavirus infection COVID-19, is called "Tomorrow will never die," RIA Novosti clarifies.

On August 11, Putin announced that a vaccine against COVID-19 has been registered in Russia.

According to the president, his daughter tested the vaccine herself.

The vaccine was named "Sputnik V". According to the Ministry of Health, the first batches will be released within the next two weeks. 

In April 2019, the American Time magazine also dedicated the cover to Putin, depicting him towering over the globe.