Several police vehicles were set on fire during the riots in Bangalore. - AFP

Two people killed and three others seriously injured. The toll of riots between police and thousands of people in Bangalore, southern India, is particularly heavy. At the origin of this revolt: a post on Facebook deemed "insulting" to the Prophet Muhammad, local authorities announced on Wednesday.

At least 60 police officers were also injured Tuesday evening when an angry crowd attacked a police station, torched vehicles and the house of a local elected official whose nephew was accused of having posted the publication in question. We do not know what it contained.

Live ammunition

Local media have broadcast images of residents seeking to enter the police station, and chanting slogans near the house of the elected. Police fired live ammunition and used tear gas to disperse the crowd. A journalist was also hit, police told AFP. Media report that the two deceased were among the gunshot wounds.

The Bangalore police chief announced on Twitter that the elected official's nephew had been arrested for his publication, along with a hundred residents accused of participating in a riot and arson. He said the situation was now under control. Known as the Silicon Valley of India, Bangalore is home to a large Muslim community.


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