• Dj dead, pm: "Who rescued her after an accident, show up". He is investigating for voluntary homicide
  • Missing woman with her son, it is yellow. Husband's appeal: go home
  • The body found in Caronia belongs to the missing DJ Viviana Parisi
  • Dj dead for investigators, the child was with her, searches continue


12 August 2020The search for little Gioele, the four-year-old child who died on August 3 with his 43-year-old mother Viviana Parisi, then found dead in the countryside of Caronia (Me), continues unabated, for the ninth consecutive day. About 70 people are patrolling the area surrounding the Messina-Palermo motorway, near Caronia, where the woman's body was found, and some areas in Sant'Agata di Militello, near the junction where about twenty would have stopped. minutes before returning to the motorway.

The death of DJ Viviana Parisi remains a mystery. The autopsy performed in Messina, at the moment, did not allow to clarify the cause and dynamics of the death, nor to place it in time. It is Professor Elena Ventura Spagnolo, one of the three experts appointed by the Public Prosecutor of Patti, who explains that "at the moment nothing can be ruled out because the injuries on the body can be compatible with all possible hypotheses".